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aye yo

life has been alright lately i guess
i can never get my grandfathers and my uncle out of my head (rip)
think about that shit everyday
it sucks
summer has been alright so far nothing to to ecting has happened
lotta stuff ive wanted to do but
always stupid shit getting in the way

so my sister that lived in vegas is now in atlanta
i couldnt get time off to see her in august
but i find out shes moving to vancover for a little while
then after the new year shes spending 6 months in rome
wtf is up with that

still 2 more weeks til i go to penn for a truck show
and i have sooooooooooooooo much to do

i need to start riding more..except whenever i go riding i get a dez my brain wants to jsut out of my shull
it blows
maybe i shold get that checked out

anyways lastnight was starting off to being horrible...not to mention the whole day firday was aggravating and yesterday at work was the same
its about 11:00 maybe later im almost ready to go to bed
and ashley respondes to my bulliten about going to the beach
20 minutes later im at her house playing asshole
met some cool people
but i didnt get my french toast this morning :(
we WERE suppsoe to go to the beach this morning but ashley would get the fuck out of bed
ended up coming here and going swimming
made ash and kim food
and i just woke up from my 3 hour nap

i think im going swimming right now
either that or eating more food

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