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so this week didnt start off too great
monday was my birthday
i was 45 minutes le for work , forgot my hard hat (yes it is a big deal) , my new phone that i got sunday night stop working , my nextel died (yes its a big deal) this kid there something at me it hit my key chain and broke the screen to my alarm remote and someone ate my m&m's (last time its a big deal)

so anyways thrusday was throwdown and evergreen terrace..that was mad fun

saturday party at landons/coreys ...that was mad fun mike wilson was mad funny just ask to see the videos
lastnight was mad fun... went to stuffies then played drunken cranium for 4 hours

today rode with everyone yea everyone for 8-9 hours
im so fuckin tired right now

thats about it for now
my sisters wedding is in 3 months....i need a date to that
and shes flying me over to london for her wedding over there (her fiance is from london) so thats balls

line up for this weekend
ladd school friday night
party saturday night

thats about it for now
lifes ill
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