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so since wednesday life has been pretty good
wednesday - set your goals , guns up etc in brockton
thursday...for once my day went well and i didnt have a horrible day like every other thursday
friday blackout pact and treos at lupos with sam...what a time that was and then we watched crash...edit i watched crash , sam fell asleep like every other time she comes to my house
saturday guns up with honor (not bad with there new singer i thought they were gonig to be harsh) ship wreck cut throat etc etc at umass lowell
it was mad fun jsut chillen in the lobby , watching keegen getting kicked out and everything else
today , got to do one out of the three things i wanted to do - see ice age 2 with sam , her little bro tagged along it was really funny

the guy im working with now...has the rep of being a big asshole and know it all
well since ive worked with him i havent seen that all
and well hes not that really bad of a guy
maybe he can get stressed out every now and then
but i would to if my daughter had down syndrome

goes to show you shouldnt judge a book by its cover
i just learnt that really well

i was talking to my dad today about how a certain friend has lived a sheltered life because of his/her parents
and out of the blue he tells me
"ya know i cant tell how many people have told me how your a good kid and you have a good head on you shoulders ...and i really appreciete that "
i was like wow
that was random

ehh thats about it
today ws beautiful
and there will be many more like today to come
i cant wait
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