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Let us live by one rule, respect us - we'll respect you.

yea so
even thought thursday started off pretty hard
the night made up for it
thursday was the funeral for my grandfather...and as some of u might know i have the worst luck on thursdays..this one being the last time i will see my grandfather
so we get that dont and it starts snowing
fast forward to about my dad uncle dave cousins dave kayla britt and nick start getting a little loose
and decide we want to go sledding at dagget
first we had a toast of jamesons for Pa
then we broke out the 30 packs and some jose
sledding was mad fun
emily nick wilson gary landon and jack were down there
then we all went back to my aunts
and a lot of drunkin phone calls were
friday was alright..hug out with sara went to blood farm and witches roda..then went back to her house and looked up haunted places in ri
saturday was drunk at my sisters...went to d and b
sunday was alright
yesterday i got to go riding..the first time in FOREVER
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i have mad long legs

so today i was telling sara today about how senses fail reminds me of when i was at the chicago airport and it got me thinking of all the music that makes me remberber eveywhere ive been
vegas-folly and warriors most of all , set your goals
new hampshire - fall out boy
san diego - blink 182
chicago airport - sensis fail and pretty girls make graves

and i love how each time i listen to them i can go back to exactually where i was and exactually what i was doing... i love it

if you have watched requiem for a dream
watch this
i neeed to watch that movie badly

parents gonig away this weeked
cant wait

king of the hill
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thats all for now
take it easy
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